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Slow Learning

No one wants to be a “slow learner.” It’s got a bad rap. But speed learning is leaving us both financially and psychically impoverished. Slow food? Slow cities? With students of all ages experiencing anxiety and depression, maybe its time we introduced slow learning.

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The Exclusive Rhetoric of Talent Management

The rhetoric of “talent management” is everywhere. In addition to being an incredibly annoying buzzword, it points to policies for employability that simply don’t acknowledge structural barriers posed by the labour market.

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Lihua: Learning the Art of Patience

Ambitious Lihua focused on university learning as the most important thing until her first jobs, where she’s learned teamwork, collegiality, and how to be more patient with herself and others.

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Campus Mental Health

Campuses are struggling to meet student demand for individualized support services. That makes for more than financial crisis: it also speaks to the need for genuine communities so that people feel less alone. Do we rely on professional support services instead of supporting each other?

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Welcome to the Welfare Campus

A recent Deloitte report highlights unsustainable demands for student support services on North American campuses. The new “welfare campus” is an inevitable outcome of the erosion of the welfare state.

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