Love or Money?

Planning your education and career in uncertain times

Diploma? Degree? Trade? How to pay for it all, and what kind of job will it get you in the end? With rising education costs and changing labour markets, the stakes have never been higher for getting your career and learning plans right. 

Maybe you’re worried about about picking the right education. Maybe you’re a near or recent grad trying to put your education to work. Maybe, you’re trapped in the “gig economy” or you’re still trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up. If  still trying to get that elusive “great job.” If so, you’ve come to the right place. Subscribe to my blog for insights into the world of work, straight up advice on education, and stories about the career paths from people of all walks of life. 



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Pondering Post-Sec
Laura Servage

Slow Learning

No one wants to be a “slow learner.” It’s got a bad rap. But speed learning is leaving us both financially and psychically impoverished. Slow food? Slow cities? With students of all ages experiencing anxiety and depression, maybe its time we introduced slow learning.

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The Doctor is In

Got questions about next steps in your education or transitions to your career? Instructors or profs confusing you? Exams got you down? Is your family disappointed you didn’t become a podiatrist? If I can’t solve your problem I’ll tell you what you can do to self-advocate. Or I’ll at least help you feel better. I’m a great listener. I can’t help you with that rash though. I’m not that kind of doctor.