Love or Money?

Planning your education and career in uncertain times

Build your career without selling your soul.

Diploma? Degree? Trade? How to pay for it all, and what kind of job will it get you in the end? With rising education costs and changing labour markets, the stakes have never been higher for getting your career and learning plans right. 

Maybe you’re worried about about picking the right education. Maybe you’re a near or recent grad trying to put your education to work. Maybe, like me, you’re trapped in the “gig economy” still trying to get that elusive “great job.” If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Hi! I’m Laura. I have a PhD in Adult Education, and two kids in their 20s who like to remind me that I’ve been a university student or prof for as long as they’ve been alive.

I research how education affects your job prospects and life chances. Subscribe to my blog for real stories of people navigating their career paths, and opinionated advice and commentary on the worlds of post-secondary education and work.



Read my blog to learn about jobs and education. Sometimes I’m pretty sassy. Be warned.

Post-Sec Punditry
Laura Servage

Campus Mental Health

Campuses are struggling to meet student demand for individualized support services. That makes for more than financial crisis: it also speaks to the need for genuine communities so that people feel less alone. Do we rely on professional support services instead of supporting each other?

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The Doctor is In

Got questions about next steps in your education or transitions to your career? Instructors or profs confusing you? Exams got you down? Is your family disappointed you didn’t become a podiatrist? If I can’t solve your problem I’ll tell you what you can do to self-advocate. Or I’ll at least help you feel better. I’m a great listener. I can’t help you with that rash though. I’m not that kind of doctor.